ScrollBoss Bonus

The final sprite with transparent pants is slightly different from the one posted in last week’s update. These will hit the main ScrollBoss site in this week’s small update.

BTW: Don’t forget to hit the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter and help out if you’ve got the coins to do so!

Sprite design featurette


We wanted to share another featurette on how a game like this gets made. Today, Bannon Rudis will show you his creative process for designing the many fighting moves for the game, including the one pictured below for Paul, the pugnatious boxer. Enjoy!

Here’s the final result!


Cannon-Dancer/Osman (1996) by Mitchell Corp.

The man behind the Strider arcade game, Koichi “Isuke” Yotsui, also worked on this game that plays like a spiritual successor to that earlier arcade hit. The Shinobi-like “smart bomb” attacks are carried over into Isuke’s Moon Diver, one of my favorite digital-only side-scrollers for the PS3 & X-Box 360.

G.I.JOE (1992) by Konami and G.I.JOE: the Movie (1987)

G.I.JOE (1992) by Konami and G.I.JOE: A Real American Hero pt. 4, “Duel in the Devil’s Cauldron” (1983)

G.I.JOE (1992) by Konami and G.I.JOE: the Movie (1987)


Treasure makes some of the finest video games anyone has ever had the pleasure of playing.

I had no idea Treasure had anything to do with #9 and will have to keep an eye out for it in the used game stores I haunt. That’s a great list and thanks for hipping me (and anyone else wise enough to peep the list) on to that game.

Streets of Rage (1991) from Sega.

You can hear that laid-back select screen BGM in your head, can’t you?


I am a gamer. I don’t work for Microsoft.

I, like most other gamers, am sick of seeing endless rumours and speculation citing “anonymous sources” or “insiders” with no evidence, no proof, no guarantee that they’ve been fact-checked or can be relied on.

The games industry is the only one I can…

Everyone should read this. You can also apply this story to wrestling dirt sheets and those comic news sites on the lamer end of the spectrum.

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