ScrollBoss Bonus


Stage Three theme from Konami’s Vendetta.


Mega Man 2 ‘Dr Wily’
For Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro

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Purchases support me and composer Takashi Tateishi (AKA Ogeretsu Kun)


“City Streets” from the goddamn fantastic Double Dragon Neon soundtrack, by the super-excellent Jake “virt” Kaufman.

Another Wizzy CPS2-style track! Wizzy always keeps things in character and this BGM is no exception. This track perfectly rides the line between epic CPS2 sound and spacy exploration music. Yes, I’m proud to see that Samus sprite edit I made (mostly Mai-based) used in the video.

Subscribe to his channel and get more of that dead-on CPS2-era sound!

Music time!

Wizzy’s Special Upload- Protoman Meets Zero”

Sprites: Protoman by Gregarlink10@deviantart. Zero sprite edit by PrimeOp

I don’t know how Wizzy keeps doing it but here he is with another CPSII-style music track. This music would be perfect for fighting Darkseid as a final boss. Subscribe to his channel if you like this because the man has a ton of tracks like this.

Wizzy gets downright sinister with this BGM track. This is what boss music is supposed to sound like. It’s his own style but fits in perfectly with the Streets of Rage sound.

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