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I finally bought Elevator Action Deluxe yesterday. It plays like a good mix between the original Elevator Action (which is bundled with E.A.D.) and the underrated Elevator Action Returns (playable on MAME, Taito Legends 2 and a rare Sega Saturn port with extra goodies). This game was directed by Yosuke Tsuda, the director of E. A. Returns. This is more of a thinking gamer’s shooter like Gain Ground since plotting your path to the documents and exit is just as important as having a quick trigger finger.

This is a video of the dev team playing the game. It isn’t translated, but you get to see the game in action. You also get a peek at the free monthly DLC characters: A 3-D pixel version of the old E.A. agent, Sayo-Chan (Pocky from Pocky and Rocky), Reiko from Time Gal and Vaus from Arkanoid. Sayo-Chan is ready for downloading now.

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